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Free Shipping on orders $55 or more 📦

Pure Blossoms #ScentMix Home Fragrance Oil: 1/2oz (15ml)


Product Description

Pure Blossoms:

A collection of lavender varieties from all over the world blend delicately with clean ozonal notes create a fresh, floral and bright fragrance perfect for the home.

We are makers, crafters, and creators and so are our customers! 

This scent was MADE BY: Eliose from Boise, ID

#ScentMix: 75% Lavender Martini & 25% Clean Cotton



Create your ideal ambiance by diffusing our superior fragrance oils in your living or work space. Aromas can have a powerful effect of influencing our moods, emotions and behaviors. Add 20 drops of oil to one of our oil diffusers and begin enjoying your fragrance experience throughout your home or office. Add 2-3 additional drops to refresh the scent as needed.