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Free Shipping on orders $45 or more 📦

Bath Bomb Kit


Product Description

Mix & Match any 4 of our Signature 12 Bath Bombs for just $25. Our Bath Bombs are made with Sweet Almond Oil, Epsom salt and baking soda which work together to clean, deodorize, and repair skin. Epsom salt alleviates pain and even strengthens blood vessels. Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes the skin and protects it from damage. Just drop one bath bomb into the bathtub and watch as the salts and oils disperse in the warm water. Relax. Enjoy. Feel rejuvenated.

Our Signature 12 Bath Bombs:

No. 1 Apricot Peach Daiquiri: A zesty, refreshing mix of juicy apricot and sun-kissed peach. Top notes of tart nectarines, with a subtle finish of simple syrup, creates a fun and fruity blend.

No. 2 Lavender Martini: A collection of lavender varieties from all over the world blended delicately with a twist of lemon.

No. 3 Pink Champagne: A bubbly, champagne essence blended with sweet raspberries and nectarines.

No. 4 Pistachio Milkshake: Dry roasted pistachios, honey and vanilla whipped to perfection!

No. 5 Black Cherry Bomb: A serious cherry explosion! A multilayered blend of cherry, grape, raspberry and vanilla!

No. 6 Strawberry Basil Margarita: Ripe strawberries, aromatic basil and a drift of briny ocean breeze. A sweet herbaceous blend encapsulating summertime vibes.

No. 7 Blueberry Merlot: A robust berry blend with perfectly ripened blueberries lends a sweet fruity lift to the deep, woody overtones.

No. 8 Pomegranate Lemonade: Sweet, mouthwatering and tart, a fresh and fantastic blast for spring and summer!

No. 9 Moscow Mule: Spicy ginger, crisp vodka and a twist of refreshing lime. A harmonious composition of clean and citrusy scents.

No. 10 Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon: A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, intertwined with smokey notes of dark bourbon and a whisper of sweet vanilla. Voraciously vibrant.

No. 11 Chocolate Chai Tea: Rich, deep chocolate combined with deep notes of spice, clove, nutmeg and all spice! The perfect blend of chocolate and chai!

No. 12 Hot Rum Toddy: A delectable blend of maple and rum, with buttery base notes of caramelized sugar. Warm and decadent.

Botanical Gardens: Bright gardenia and rich plumeria followed with a pleasant blend of gentle lilac, sweet lily, and mild jasmine swirling throughout.


Green Tea & Lemon: Delightful lemon and orange scent with hints of ginger, sweet lychee, and tea. 

Triple Berry & Grapefruit: This unique fragrance is complex and fruity with banana and grapefruit notes being the stars blended with kiwi, bubblegum, berries and vanilla.