Ginger & Coconut All Natural Soap

Ginger & Coconut All Natural Soap

With Olive Oil & Almond Oil

Properties: Antioxidant, Moisturizing & Conditioning 

Skin Care: First used thousands of years ago as an ancient Chinese medicine, Ginger’s antioxidant properties inhibit harmful free radicals that cause skin damage and aging. Olive Oil has been a prized since antiquity and has been added for it’s renowned moisturizing, regenerating and skin softening effects. While bathing with this soap you will feel the purifying effects of Ginger’s warming and invigorating powers lifting weary and dreary skin. Almond Oil and Coconut Oil are added for their nourishing and conditioning benefits This nourishing soap will make your skin look radiant and feel healthy.

Aromatherapy Benefits: The warm spicy aroma of Ginger relieves nausea and motion sickness. It warms the soul, sharpens the senses and increases the libido. Ginger improves memory, aids in recall, reduces drowsiness and irritability. Ginger will jump start your brain to keep concentration and mental energy high.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, (Natural) Fragrance, Ginger Root Essential Oil, Ginger Powder.

  • 100% Vegetable Based
  • No Animal By Products Or Testing

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