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DIY Toothpaste

      Coconut oil: Naturally contains antibacterial/antimicrobial properties due to its high lauric acid content .
      Baking soda: Neutralizes acid-loving bacteria in your mouth, responsible for causing cavities. Baking soda also helps to whiten teeth, remove plaque, and maintains healthy gums.
      Xylitol: A Natural sweetener, sweetens the toothpaste, and has cavity-fighting properties of its own!
      Essential oils:  If you choose the right essential oils, you can create a strong antibacterial toothpaste. We suggest using Grapefruit oil, Peppermint oil, 
      or Lemongrass oil. 



        1. Melt the coconut oil on a low heat. I used a double-boiler method by putting the coconut oil in the glass jar that I use to store my toothpaste, and then placing the jar into a pan of lightly, simmering water.
        2. Remove from heat once melted, and stir in baking soda.
        3. In a coffee grinder or blender, blend the xylitol into a fine powder so that it easily dissolves.
        4. Add the xylitol--Feel free to add more if you'd like it sweeter.
        5. Add Peppermint Essential Oil.
        6. Once the mixture has solidified, give it another good stir (the baking soda may be settled on the bottom.



        To brush, wet your toothbrush, and dip it in the paste, or scoop a small amount on with a spoon if you want to avoid "double-dipping."