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Tea Accessories


  • $30.00

    Dew Brew-in-Mug w/ infuser & lid 18 oz

    Enjoy your favorite tea in our largest mug yet.   The large stainless steel infuser with extra-fine holes allows tea to expand fully, ...

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  • $45.95

    Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser 32oz

    Soothe your senses. Available in soft and peaceful colors, easy on the eyes like a water droplet on a leaf. Feel the smooth textured Satin finish ...

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  • $33.50

    Mist Glass Ice Tea Jug 50oz.

    MIST Ice Tea Jug is designed for a simple way of making the cold-steeping ice tea.The double ring silicone gasket ensures lid from falling off wh...

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