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Free Shipping on orders $55 or more 📦

Fragrance Body Oil: 1oz (2 Pack)


Product Description

Our superior fragrance oils are all cosmetic grade.  You can use them on your body as a perfume of cologne and you can diffuse them in your home using an oil warmer. *


Fragrance body oils are oil based and contain no alcohol.  They will last on you all day and won’t evaporate quickly or dry the skin like alcohol based perfumes and colognes.

This alcohol free oil allows the skin and fragrance to bond naturally with your body chemistry thereby creating a more natural scent that is uniquely yours.

You have hundreds of fragrances to choose from and best of all; they cost a fraction of the price of expensive designer perfumes and colognes. Now you can afford to indulge your every fragrance fantasy from florals to fruits to spices to musks even exotic blends and Designer Reproductions.

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