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Free Shipping on orders $45 or more 📦

Retire To Deep Sleep Gift Set


Product Description

Our Retire To Deep Sleep blend is a natural sleep aid that helps bring on a sense of deep relaxation to mind and body. This gift set includes:

Retire To Deep Sleep Bath Teas: Each Bath Tea Kit includes 4 Tea Pouches. Drop one Retire to Deep Sleep Bath Tea Pouch into your bath and steep the night away. Breathe in the Lavender and Vetiver Essential oils and enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility while your body prepares for a restful night of sleep, just don't fall asleep in the tub!

4oz Retire To Deep Sleep Herbal Tea: Sweet dreams are made of "z's". Apple and Valerian Root combine to help you fall asleep faster and more soundly throughout the night. Let our natural Sleep Aid tea soothe you into a full nights' rest and awaken ready to take on anything the day may bring. Ingredients: Apple, Fennel, Lemon balm, Rosehip seed, Lemon verbena leaves, Valerian root, Lavender flowers, Passionflower herb, natural flavoring (Mango), Hops, natural flavoring (Lemon). 

Retire Essential Oil Infused Shea Butter: This Shea Butter is infused with our Retire essential oil blend and lightly whipped with Virgin Organic Avocado Oil and Olive Oil to help repair and protect damaged skin cells.