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Relax Body & Mind Herbal Tea


Product Description

Relax with fragrant Anise and Sweet Blackberry Leaves. When enjoyed after a meal, the soothing licorice flavor of anise has shown to help ease digestion and provides a calming effect. Sweet Blackberry Leaves are an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Antioxidants. Drink up and unwind!

-Drink to good health.

The Oil Bar ™ fosters community, embraces individuality and helps you capture your own unique essence into signature scents while cultivating individual expression and self fulfillment. Embrace and nurture your body with our encompassing line of delicious wellness teas. We invite you to pour yourself a hot cup and replenish and restore your mind, body and soul.

Try using this awesome Tea Mug to make hot tea. 


Rosehip, Lemon verbena leaves, Lemongrass, Anise, Fennel, Sweet Blackberry leaves, natural flavoring WONF (Passionfruit)*, Orange peel, natural flavoring (Passionfruit)


Brewing directions for hot tea: 2g of tea for every 200ml boiling water Steep for 5 minutes Add a natural sweetener (optional) Stir and serve

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