Cologne Oil Spray
Cologne Oil Spray

Cologne Oil Spray

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Our trademark cologne oil spray formula combines the pure lasting power of fragrance oil with the natural moisturizing power of jojoba oil.
This alcohol free formula enhances the natural essence of fragrance notes and won't dry out your skin like traditional alcohol based perfumes and colognes.
This light aromatic spray is truly unique in that it provides a strong, rich, natural and healthy aura that cannot be matched by traditional perfumes and colognes. 

You have hundreds of fragrances to choose from and best of all; they cost a fraction of the price of expensive designer perfumes and colognes. Now you can afford to indulge your every fragrance fantasy from florals to fruits to spices to musks even exotic blends and Designer Reproductions.

This is a 3.3oz (100ML) bottle of Cologne Oil Spray from The Oil Bar.

  • Jojoba based and Alcohol Free! 
  • Won't dry your skin. 
  • Stays on longer than traditional fragrances.