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Free Shipping on orders $45 or more 📦

No. 10 Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Green Tea Infusion


Product Description

Taste the wilderness! Fruity currants intertwine with delicious blackberry in the crackling light of a campfire. A warm whisper of almond floats on the palette, dancing in and out like fireflies. Reconnect and find your center.

-Eternally Yours, Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon  

The Oil Bar ™ fosters community, embraces individuality and helps you capture your own unique essence into signature scents while cultivating individual expression and self fulfillment. We’ve hand-selected each of our signature teas to indulge your senses and inspire you. Celebrate each moment- present and past, as you enjoy our delicious teas- served hot or cold. We invite you to pour yourself a cup and take a moment to reminisce over the best of times, and dream up those to come.

Try using this awesome Tea Mug to make hot tea. 

Try using this awesome Iced Tea Jug to make iced tea. 

*Contains no alcohol


Green Tea, Rosehip shells, Apple, Raspberry pieces, Currants, Lemongranules (Glucose syrup, concentrated lemon juice, sugared apricot halves, modified starch, thickening agent E401, flavour), Hibiscus, Almond [Nuts and products thereof]**, natural & artificial flavoring (Redfruit), artificial flavoring (Almond), Cranberry pieces, natural flavoring (Lemon), Cornflower petals, artificial flavoring (Vanilla), natural & artificial flavoring (Boysenberry)


Brewing directions for hot tea: 2g of tea for every 200ml boiling water Steep for 5 minutes Add a natural sweetener (optional) Stir and serve Brewing directions for iced tea: Use ½ gallon of filtered water per 1.25oz (35g) of tea Pour boiling water over filter bag in 1-gallon container Steep 5 minutes Add a natural sweetener (optional) Remove filter bag and fill the rest of the container with ice or cold water