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No. 5 Black Cherry Bomb Herbal Fruit Tea


 Walk on the wild side! Deep Morello Cherry lights up the night in this dark blend. - Juicy! Curls of Orange Peel add just the right touch of citrus, emphasizing the sweet notes of berries. Get caught up in Black Cherry Bomb; a deep and unapologetic flavor experience- like new leather as you thunder down the open road. See you on the flip side!

-Black Cherry B 

The Oil Bar ™ fosters community, embraces individuality and helps you capture your own unique essence into signature scents while cultivating individual expression and self fulfillment. We’ve hand-selected each of our signature teas to indulge your senses and inspire you. Celebrate each moment- present and past, as you enjoy our delicious teas- served hot or cold. We invite you to pour yourself a cup and take a moment to reminisce over the best of times, and dream up those to come.


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