Introduction to Products

While on a humanitarian mission living alongside the indigenous people in a remote part of the West African rainforest, I was inspired to create the Oil-ganics line.

Although separated and hundreds of miles from “modern civilization”, I was fascinated and intrigued by their way of life.

As a devoted user of natural products and essential oils, I had stepped back in time and was witnessing firsthand the villagers using the forest as their medicine chest to treat many of their ailments.  

They were also very resourceful in using the forest and surrounding lands in crafting their highly effective personal and beauty care products.

The village women made soaps, including “Black Soap”, to cleanse and tone their skin; Shea Butter moisturize, heal and protect their skin and hair; clay masks to clarify and uplift their face and tighten the skin around their breasts.

Being an avid naturalist, I knew that by adding other all natural ingredients and oils to their organic treatments and products it would enhance the effectiveness of their already fabulous recipes.

 So, it was there, in the middle of the West African rainforest that I had my “Aha” moment.

 Essential Oils combined with natural and organic ingredients.


“The active fusion of essence oils with natural and organic ingredients.”

I immediately began documenting and researching not only the rain forest’s herbs, plants, oils and natural ingredients but other traditional recipes that indigenous people of other countries and regions were using for their health and wellness needs.

My research inspired me in recreating the healing, therapeutic and beauty traditions of people in various regions of the world.

Oli-ganics is the outcome of this story, the story of my attempt to pay homage to

Nature’s pure and unadulterated gifts and to  the indigenous people, who from all across the world and for centuries have crafted recipes to heal, cure and beautify using only what nature has provided.

Ernie Dennis