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The Oil Bar


What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance Oils are made from a combination of both natural and synthetic fragrance compounds that when blended together produce differing aromatic scents.

Can I diffuse/burn your oils?

Yes.  None of our oils contain alcohol so they are not flammable like cologne or perfumes. 

Can I diffuse designer “Type” oils?

Yes, our designer type fragrances can be diffused.

Can I wear all of your Fragrance Oils?

Yes, all of our fragrance oils are cosmetic grade and can be worn on the skin with the exception of Cinnamon, Cinnamon Spice, Cherry, & Almond. 

Why do you use the word “Type” in your designer listings?

Many of the designer names used on fragrances are trademark protected and they have every right to that protection.  We are in no way saying that our fragrance oil is the same product that the original manufacturer is selling.

We, in fact think we have a better product.  However, the fragrance they created did inspire us to create that scent “Type” in an alcohol free fragrance oil.   

Why do your fragrance oils stay on longer than traditional perfumes and colognes? 

Body oils stay on longer because of their oil based nature.  Perfume and Cologne alcohol bases evaporate quickly from the skin just like rubbing does when applied to the skin.

Why do your fragrance oils create a more natural aura when worn on the body?

This is due to their oil based nature.  Oils give fragrance notes the time and ability to blend and bond better with your bodies’ own individual chemistry. Whereas alcohol based colognes and perfumes do not and tend to produce a more artificial scent.

Why are fragrance oils so much less expensive than traditional perfumes and colognes?

Well, our fragrance oils and traditional perfumes and colognes actually cost about the same to produce.

For one thing, with our oils, you are not paying the exorbitant mark-ups that the department stores charge and for the mark-up the designers charged them. You are also not paying for expensive designer bottles and excessive packaging traditional perfumes and colognes come in.